• npclock

    Nixiana.com – The Nixie ...

    Nixiana.com is the home of the world’s first nixie tube propeller clock. This device is another implementation of the frequently seen microcontroller-based digital clocks; however, in order to make itself special, it combines two very unique technologies. The nixie tube is an obsolete display technology from the 50’s and... Read More

  • Rookie Electronics

    Rookie Electronics

      Rookie Electronics is a website which provides an easier approach to make circuits and learn practical work for beginners in electronics engineering. All projects have circuit diagram and their respective breadboard arrangement pictures. The working video of each project insures that the circuit works fine. This website also... Read More

  • Sigzig


      A low-noise, easy-to-use analog data logger. Capture analog signals at the lowest noise levels.  Precise and easy to use.  It’s all your data logging fantasies come true.... Read More

  • thumbnail

    Jake’s Electronics

    Jake’s Electronics was developed as a means to document things Jake designs and creates for his own reference. Videos, schematics, pictures, source code and all other related information. Documenting everything this way helps keep things neat and tidy so when the time comes for recall a past project, it... Read More




    Electronic Components, Single Board Computer, Development Tools, Robotics, Measuring instruments.... Read More

  • Norwegian Creations

    Norwegian Creations

      Norwegian Creations is a Maker collective aiming to “Bridge the Gap between Idea and Creation” through their “Maker... Read More

  • PCB_FIAB_Header_1pc (1)

    Frank Miller, “PulsarProFX, ...

    PCB Fab-In-A-Box” – for making Single or Double-sided boards in under 8 minutes. Say ‘goodbye’ to expensive prototype fabrication... Read More

  • American_Society_of_Civil_Engineers_(ASCE)

    American Society of Civil Engi...

    Extensive information about the national civil engineering professional society. Features an overview of programs, events, and member services plus... Read More

  • Custom Electronic Circuits and Prototypes

    Custom Electronic Circuits and...

    Another Embedded Microchip design out the door. This instrument is for the oil drilling industry. Using Microchips XLP Nano Watt... Read More

  • Electrical_Engineering_at_UNL

    Electrical Engineering at UNL

    Department in the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).... Read More

  • CAD Drones

    CAD Drones LLC

      At CAD Drones LLC we pride ourselves on Open Source work related to the design, testing, and manufacturing... Read More

  • Embedded Day


      EmbeddedDay is the personal blog of electronic engineer Ioannis Kedros. Except of posts about engineering, technology and science... Read More

  • Weird Blog


    Weird-Lab a blog about hacking, RF, embedded system, and general electronic projects. Here you can see projects such as: Nano... Read More

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