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    Pradeep Chakraborty’s Point

      Pradeep Chakraborty has over 25 years’ experience in journalism, especially in electronics and semiconductors. His work has been either published/mentioned across the globe… Global Sources, Hong Kong — Telecom Products, Electronics, Electronic Components and Computer Products magazines; Reed Elsevier, UK — for Wireless Week (US), EDN (US), EDN... Read More

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    The Internet of Things –...

      Council is a bottom #iot ecology accelerator with a large number of early innovators, startup and SME as members. About 350 members exchange information on platforms, applications and services.  Becoming a member is free, send an email to info at theinternetofthings.eu... Read More

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      DynexHobby offer low cost diagnostic tools for lab technicians and hobbyist. Specializing in drone technologies, our products allow users to balance fan units, wheels, shafts, rotors and just about anything that rotates. Our hardware and software can also perform vibration analysis. Users will find this to be a... Read More

  • engineersdesire


      Engineersdesire.com is one of the best electrical and electronic circuits blog for engineering students. Free electronic circuits, 8051/AVR/PIC tutorial and microcontroller projects, circuit diagrams, hobby electronic projects, electronic projects, final year projects, embedded projects, technical articles. Interfacing microcontroller with peripherals like ADC, LCD, EEPROM etc. Source code, and... Read More


  • Zebulon Solutions, LLC

    Zebulon Solutions, LLC

      Zebulon Solutions is an old-fashioned company providing modern productization solutions. We help our customers turn their R&D projects... Read More

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    APC Propellers

    Quality Propellers that are Competition Proven. APC Model Aircraft Propellers are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our blade... Read More

  • GADGETronix


    This site brings cool Electronic designs and  well explained tutorials suited for all the Electronic engineers and Hobbyists. You... Read More

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    Electrical 101

      Electrical information for the home and office including 3 and 4-way switches, outlets, ballasts and wiring diagrams, DIY electrical,... Read More


    Mehmet Er – Electrical E...

    Personal homepage of VLSI/SOC/ASIC designer who is interested in all aspects and steps of hardware design including microarchitecture definition,... Read More

  • SB-Projects


      SB-Projects is intended for those of you who are also interested in the wonderful mix between building electronics... Read More

  • B9RobotResource01


      B9RobotResource.com is a Sci-Fi fan’s website documenting the research, design and construction of a replica of the B9... Read More

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    Plastibots is a collection of DIY projects ranging from IoT home automation, LEGO robotics projects, hardware fixes, to quadcopter... Read More

  • Crown Supply

    Crowd Supply

      Crowd Supply – how engineers and designers create great products on their own terms. Crowd Supply started based... Read More

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