• Dexter Industries

    Dexter Industries

    Dexter Industries is an educational robotics company. The build robot kits (with the Raspberry Pi) that make... Read More
  • PRAI - Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    PRAI – Portal of Robotic...

      PRAI – Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is an online forum community where robotics and... Read More
  • Carleton Autonomous Robotics...

    A Canadian High School as partnered with an Ontario University to bring a low budget robotic platform... Read More
  • Robots Everywhere

    Robots Everywhere – Autonomous vehicles, home industry, citizen science. Schematics, software, source code and manuals for everything... Read More
  • Mr. Franzen’s Web Site is a resource support site in addendum to taught classes for students taking classes with... Read More
  • Robots Argentina

      Didactic and Practical Robotics is maintained by Julio Eduardo Carletti – an Electronics Technician and Computer... Read More
  • Alectric Labs

    Alectric Labs

    Alectric Labs is a website inspired by creativity, ingenuity, and engineering. On, you can find an... Read More
  • DronesOnVideo

      The best source for drone information and news on video.  Watch 100’s of drone videos with... Read More
  • FIRST Team 973 – The Greybots

      FIRST Team 973 (The Greybots) is a high school robotics team from Atascadero, California that competes... Read More
  • A.I. Hub

    “Artificial Intelligence For All” — is a free resource website for promoting and understanding all things... Read More

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