• Electronics Zone

    Electronics Zone

    A huge collection of free Electronic Circuits & do-it-yourself (DIY) electronic circuits covering a wide range of categories in electronics like audio, music,home/garden related,computer hardware,radio,robotics etc to name a few. There are also links to sites that offer hobby electronic kits and other electronics hobby related stuff.... Read More

  • Embedded Day


      EmbeddedDay is the personal blog of electronic engineer Ioannis Kedros. Except of posts about engineering, technology and science you can find some of his projects as well.... Read More

  • DPS - Electronics from A to Z

    DPS – Electronics from A to Z

    DPS – Electronics is a professional magazine devoted entirely to development and fabrication in electronics industry, with the focus on the following area: CAD, CAE and CAM software Circuitry design and development PCB fabrication, assembly, testing Components Measurements and testing Standards and regulations Management and markets Their magazine has the... Read More

  • GADGETronix


    This site brings cool Electronic designs and  well explained tutorials suited for all the Electronic engineers and Hobbyists. You can also find Embedded Programming tutorials and projects based on both Basic and Advanced Microcontrollers.... Read More


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