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      SharingTechnology is a cultural site that offers news and research material about the technology and Free Energy world. The main purpose of Sharing Technology is divulging and  information sharing and services  related to the world of technology, computer science, etc. engines. A real passion that I have the... Read More

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    Next Electronics

      Established in 1995, Next.gr is the largest circuits site currently on the net with an extensive (daily updated) categorized and crossed referenced database. It’s dedicated to all electronic engineers and hobbyist who need to find fast the right circuit across the web.... Read More

  • Doktor Andy

    Doktor Andy – Specialiologist

      Doktor-Andy.de is a website that talks about DIY, video, lighting, electronics and overall weirdness.... Read More

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      The best source for drone information and news on video.  Watch 100’s of drone videos with commentary and information on topics like UHD videography, FPV drone racing, military, UAV test flights and reviews, new consumer and commercial drone news, and much much more!... Read More


  • maxEmbedded


      Open source platform and Embedded Consultants.... Read More

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    Software Informer

    Software Informer is a website that is meant to rid you of the headache of having to manually update... Read More

  • website rakesh

    Rakesh Mondal – Ron Robotics

    A website with free embedded source codes and tutorials on Robotics, Electronics, USB and Microcontrollers ( PIC18F) with various... Read More

  • Droneguru


    DroneGuru provides you with the latest information about personal drones. You can read the latest industry news and also... Read More

  • Institute_of_Low_Temperature_and_Structure_Research

    Institute of Low Temperature a...

    Part of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Wroclaw, Poland. Includes information about the departments of superconductivity, and low... Read More

  • B9RobotResource01


      B9RobotResource.com is a Sci-Fi fan’s website documenting the research, design and construction of a replica of the B9... Read More

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    Electrical 101

      Electrical information for the home and office including 3 and 4-way switches, outlets, ballasts and wiring diagrams, DIY electrical,... Read More

  • theksmith-com-featured


    You can find items of general interest from a Technologist Kristoffer Smith on this site, a Software Developer and... Read More

  • GtronicsAPSPPPB

    Solderless Prototyping for Ard...

    Gabriele Galeazzi is a hobbyist and Gtronics.NET represent his passion for electronics. Gtronics.NET does not represent the 100% of his... Read More

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