• EVs Rock

    EVsRoll – bikes, cars, t...

      Electric vehicles are the best hope for the future of clean transport. EVsRoll shows the reader the history of electric cars, the energy needed to power electric vehicles, the impacts of conventional and electric transport, and outlines many of the latest electric cars, bikes, scooters, trucks and cycles. Other... Read More

  • npclock

    Nixiana.com – The Nixie ...

    Nixiana.com is the home of the world’s first nixie tube propeller clock. This device is another implementation of the frequently seen microcontroller-based digital clocks; however, in order to make itself special, it combines two very unique technologies. The nixie tube is an obsolete display technology from the 50’s and... Read More

  • Rookie Electronics

    Rookie Electronics

      Rookie Electronics is a website which provides an easier approach to make circuits and learn practical work for beginners in electronics engineering. All projects have circuit diagram and their respective breadboard arrangement pictures. The working video of each project insures that the circuit works fine. This website also... Read More

  • Sigzig


      A low-noise, easy-to-use analog data logger. Capture analog signals at the lowest noise levels.  Precise and easy to use.  It’s all your data logging fantasies come true.... Read More


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