Mightyboy Electric Vehicle

Mighty Boy Electrical Vehicle


Here are the words  taken from the owner of MightyBoy telling us how the project started:

In common with many who will read this site, I have had a long standing appreciation of things electrical and mechanical. I have been working in the electronics, electrical and mechanical area for over 40 years. My hobbies have included restoring numerous vintage and post vintage vehicles. Along the way, I have been associated with a government funded electric car project. In 2007, I was given a model helicopter as a Christmas present. This lead to the purchase of a Blade CX-2 helicopter. I soon became amazed with the Li Ion battery technology used to power these devices. The next step was discovering this cell technology was being used in electric vehicles. At the same time, I was looking around for a suitable semi retirement project; hence the Mighty Boy electrical vehicle project commenced.

So Why a Mighty Boy?

Firstly, they are a bit different…. best described as kind of cute in an ugly way. Maybe even cultish by some….

Secondly and most importantly they are ideal for electric conversions. This assumes the concept of a small ute with an amazingly large cab suits your driving requirements. Not much use for a family of three or more!

Why it suits being converted to an electric vehicle:

  • Simple design and construction
  • Extremely light – 600 kg (Curb) and 950 kg (Gross)
  • Weight distribution (front and back) and load capacity ideal for purpose
  • Batteries can easily be housed in the ute box without the need of special venting
  • No additional complications – such as power assisted brakes, power steering pump, air bags or computer/ABS systems
  • Very reasonable purchase price but getting hard to find a cheap one with a good body.

Check out the website as you can learn a lot about The Suzuki Mighty Boy Story, how it was created and all the details of the project.

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