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  • Piotr Wittchen – Persona...

    I treat this blog as my public, on-line notepad. It reflects my private opinions and perspectives. Many... Read More
  • Klipse

    An interactive journey into functional programming with Yehonathan Sharvit.... Read More
  • Industrial Panel PC

      Parhelia offers a broad range of fanless Industrial Panel PC‘s from Geshem Technology with a never... Read More
  • Lumousoft

    Lumousoft Inc is specialized in  software visualization, compilation, optimization and simulation for embedded firmware. It provides high-level... Read More
  • VerapoTech

    The Verapo Tech Internet of Things (IoT) ( Platform provides start-ups with a sound foundation upon which... Read More
  • Webport@l of Evert-Jan van der...

      Webportal is a resources for more than 4500 sites about telebusiness, DIS, workflow, hardware, software, internet, Java,... Read More
  • SharingTechnology

      SharingTechnology is a cultural site that offers news and research material about the technology and Free... Read More
  • Personnel website of N. Liebea...

    Website dedicated to students in electronics and computer science at the Cachan Institute of Technology, France.  ... Read More
  • The Internet of Things –...

      Council is a bottom #iot ecology accelerator with a large number of early innovators, startup and... Read More
  • A.I. Hub

    “Artificial Intelligence For All” — is a free resource website for promoting and understanding all things... Read More

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