• Digital View

    Digital View is a developer and manufacturer of interface electronics for the LCD digital display market. With over 20 years experience, the company has become a trusted source for innovation, reliability and long term supply to its many global customers and partners.... Read More

  • Dexter Industries

    Dexter Industries

    Dexter Industries is an educational robotics company. The build robot kits (with the Raspberry Pi) that make it fun and interesting to learn programming in both Python and Bloxter, a block-based language. Educators have used these robot kits to teach everything from elementary language arts to college level aerospace... Read More

  • PRAI - Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    PRAI – Portal of Robotic...

      PRAI – Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is an online forum community where robotics and AI enthusiasts gather and discuss ideas, solving problems, what’s new in the field of AI and Robotics.... Read More

  • TechDesign Electronics

    TechDesign Electronics is a tech electronics engineering website making schematics and firmware development, PCB Design, Circuit Assembly and Prototyping. They are also services such as Apps programming , Zero-run preparation of gerber, FAB and Partlist files and a lot more. Check out their Apps & Project section to learn... Read More


  • CAD Drones LLC

      At CAD Drones LLC we pride ourselves on Open Source work related to the design, testing, and manufacturing... Read More

  • Wilson Mines Company

      The 65c02 has advanced stealthily since the Apple II days, and is being sold in record volumes today... Read More

  • maxEmbedded

      Open source platform and Embedded Consultants.... Read More

  • Electronic Circuit

    Discover about thousand electronic circuits and schematic. This is blog committed to reviewing the latest updates about the development of... Read More

  • Mr. Franzen’s Web Site

      MFranzen.ca is a resource support site in addendum to taught classes for students taking classes with Mr. Franzen... Read More

  • One Transistor

      One Transistor is a blog where you can find Linux tutorials, electronics projects and other technology related stuff.... Read More

  • Accurate Eye Tracking Will Mak...

    For gamers, there is nothing more sacred than the controller. Many different companies have come out with controllers, including... Read More

  • PostDigital Node

    Description: PostDigital Node is a blog aimed to promote innovative projects related to digital fabrication, Maker culture, Open Hardware,... Read More

  • Jerry’s

        Gadgets, gizmos, crafts, and curious things including.. PIC, Sound card Interface, transmitters, receivers, computer interfaces, rocket locators,... Read More

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