Carleton Autonomous Robotics Learning

A Canadian High School as partnered with an Ontario University to bring a low budget robotic platform to high school students.
St Peter High School in Ottawa, and the Carleton University Engineering Faculty have created Carl the Robot, St Peter TEJ (computer Engineering classes) design, test and build the robot prototypes. Carleton staff then use the robots in their high school coding, design and arduino workshops.

To support the school and community use of Robotics, to empower 21st Century skills, and to stimulate Robotics by providing access to low cost multi use robot platform that will encourage design, electronics, robotics, coding, art and engineering skills.

Carl 1.0 is a IR remote control robot , Carl 2. is a line follower that uses TCRT5000 sensors, and Carl 3 is a wifi controlled robot with the new esp8266 chip.

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