Bluebird Marine Systems

Bluebird Marine Systems are proponents of sustainable technology – helping to keep the planet clean. They are pioneering the quickiest potential cleanup solution and is now seeking support to develop. A think tank for new technology, they identifies and anticipates future technology developments, then conducts studies into viability of such technology as replacements to existing technology. Privately owned company that is developing an intellectual property portfolio from the most promising innovations that they identify, consisting of:

  1. Patent marine technology (ZC) (boat & ship designs) and the licensing of that technology, trademarks and know-how to customers internationally.
  2. Patent vehicle technology (Smart Cities ev infrastructure for cars & commercial vehicles) and the licensing or franchising of that technology.

One of their innovations is SeaVax, an autonomous ocean going vacuum that filters toxic plastic waste from seawater. It can also be configured for river cleaning and for deployment during major oil spills.


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