Accurate Eye Tracking Will Make Hand Consoles Obsolete

For gamers, there is nothing more sacred than the controller. Many different companies have come out with controllers, including customized controllers. These same controllers that many gamers love may be holding them back. With the recent innovations in accurate eye tracking, hand controlled consoles may be moving their way out of the door.

Having 3D printers so readily accessible along with easier access to technological educations has allowed for massive strides in recent years. More people have been working on accurate eye tracking for gaming than ever before.

Why Are Eye Trackers So Great For Gamers?

Many people find it difficult to use a game controller because it works so contrary to how our mind works. You have to learn to track your vision with a joystick and this leads people to confusion and the need to train their hand-eye coordination. For some gamers this can take quite a long time.

The controller can also take away from your gaming experience. The fact you can’t experience the world in the game with your eyes makes it harder to believe in the experience.

Tracking with your eyes allows you to control where your character is looking and what you are aiming at at all times. This alone helps to make the experience more natural. You can make it even more natural by rearranging your controls to help make the feeling as in control as possible.

What Do Eye Trackers Do In Game?

Current eye trackers on the market for windows games enable the user to direct the vision and aim of their characters around a virtual world. This makes it easy for the player to keep the game feeling natural, but this isn’t where it stops.

By using your eyes to control the game you are freeing up more of the controller for other tasks such as managing your inventory, controlling your character in more depth, and more. You gain better control of the console but also enable more abilities for the game.

How Will Gamers Be Able To Use Eye Tracking

Right now eye tracking is mostly available for the PC because it is easy for a computer to take devices that it wasn’t originally designed for. These devices can plug in with a USB and a driver can be installed. Unfortunately, most consoles aren’t that easy to work with.

Consoles require that the device be compatible with the unique operating system of the console. For example, Xbox and PlayStation work on different backbones. Then after the console the games. Most games on the console are not currently equipped to work with anything but a standard controller.

The good news? This is already being worked on. Experts are working to develop eye tracking hardware for consoles.”In near future we will move characters in game with eyeballs” says Kyle, Game Analyst at Game Period.

Eye Trackers Have Other Benefits

Eye trackers add the additional benefit of taking some of the strain off of your fingers. Many gamers don’t realize it but the coordination between the eyes and fingers tends to put a lot of stress on the fingers and can lead to carpel tunnel among other injuries. Eye tracking relieves this by taking some of the movement controls away from the fingers.

A major benefit for many gamers, especially those who are looking to go pro.

Will Accurate Eye Tracking Make Hand Consoles Obsolete?

Back to the title of the article to answer the important question, will hand consoles become obsolete? The answer is yes. A majority of the focus for playing games will switch to eye tracking software. In fact, once the eye tracking devices are developed thoroughly for consoles, you are bound to see plenty of games that just use eye trackers.

Getting an eye tracker can add a lot of benefits to your console. They have a lot of benefits to games and to the gamers themselves. After a small learning curve, you will be able to have quite a lot of fun and be further immersed in games than you ever have before. Keep an eye out for eye tracking hardware in the near future.

This post is written by Gabriel Price, he works at Coupon Goo.

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