• Credit Card Sized HMI Developm...

    22nd October 2018 – Coinciding with the BT815 and BT816 advanced graphics controller ICs being ramped up into volume production, Bridgetek has introduced a series of accompanying entry-level development modules. Supporting a range of different display configurations, the compact (54.1mm x 85.60mm) VM816C modules each feature a BT816 device.... Read More

  • Challenging Machine Vision Mis...

    ~ The truth about machine vision technology ~ The floppy disk was once the cutting edge of storage, its design slowly decreasing in size as technology progressed. Over nearly 40 years of popularity the common expectation was that the next step in storage would, again, be an even smaller floppy disk. But technological advances were to reshape the future... Read More

  • MagnaChip to Begin Volume Prod...

      SEOUL, South Korea and SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 22, 2018 — MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation (“MagnaChip”) (NYSE: MX), a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor platform solutions, today announced that volume production of a new Display Driver IC (DDIC) for automotive panel displays has begun. MagnaChip is... Read More

  • Digital View

    Digital View is a developer and manufacturer of interface electronics for the LCD digital display market. With over 20 years experience, the company has become a trusted source for innovation, reliability and long term supply to its many global customers and partners.... Read More


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